Safety & Accessibility

COVID Precautions

As much as we are looking forward to gathering in person again, we want to do it as safely as possible, to protect each other, and especially the more vulnerable members of our community. Here is how we plan to do that:

1. We support public health mandates and safety measures. We expect those mandates to be followed by all attendees, and support those who choose to take additional precautions should you feel the need to do so.

2. The venue will have both indoor and heated outdoor areas for spacious mingling, as your comfort level allows. We will have exclusive use of both spaces and food and drinks will be accessible in both locations.

3. We’re capping ticket sales at 50% of the venue’s capacity. Regardless of anticipated larger capacity possibilities by April, we want to make sure everyone has plenty of space to twirl or catwalk as they see fit.

4. We require that all guests be fully vaccinated.  

5. Mask wearing is super cool with us - maybe it will match your outfit?!

6. We will have a stop light style signalling system in place so you can make your interaction preferences known without having to say a word and greet others at their comfort level.

7. Since our top priority is that everyone be comfortable having fun together, any outfit is totally welcome. We’re way more concerned about banning covid, than sweatpants! 


Umbrella Bar is a second-story venue. There is an outdoor staircase and elevator access from the main building lobby. 

Our appetizer options will consider allergies and food restrictions. Mocktails & other non-alcoholic drink options will be available. 

If you have other accessibility concerns please reach out so we can make sure everyone is welcomed as their whole selves.